I became passionate about photography several years ago when I began taking pictures of my son, who has a disability and is non-verbal.  I photographed the things he was doing and what he enjoyed so he could share this information with peers and teachers at school.  It gave him a voice; sharing his interests and helping others realize all that he was capable of doing.  My infatuation for the technical, artistic, and humanitarian aspects of photography soon developed and has been a true passion ever since. 
            Whether I am photographing my son to help aid in his communication, providing portraiture for families to commemorate special moments, creating collections such as “Doggone Good!," for non-profit organizations, or developing personal projects, it is increasingly evident to me that the art and craft of photography is incredibly impactful in the variety of ways that it can serve as a vehicle to “do good” for individuals and the community.  Ultimately, I strive to use my work to make a tangible contribution in this way. 
          I often have my camera when I am doing the other things I enjoy... being a mom, running, advocating for people with disabilities, and teaching. 
Click here for a recent Tennessee Register article on how my photography passion began.

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